Becoming Empathetic

I’m a thinker. Tried and true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a therapist’s chair and proudly explained how I felt about a situation. As someone who, like many others, repressed negative emotions, I’ve been in therapy to work on processing said emotions, so I feel proud of myself when I … Continue reading Becoming Empathetic


Realizing That People are My Passion

A question that I am frequently asked in interviews is “What type of managers do you work best under?” And I always answer this question exactly the same way. “Managers who want to get to know me on a personal level.” I totally understand that everyone is motivated by different things. Some people are motivated … Continue reading Realizing That People are My Passion

Mixing Friend Groups at Summer Parties

Ah, summer. The time for warm days by the pool, crop tops, and large parties where everyone is forced to mix and mingle no matter how well they get along. Extroverts without anxiety disorders are often confused about my anxiety regarding mixing groups. They figure they can just go up and talk to anyone! They … Continue reading Mixing Friend Groups at Summer Parties

Today’s Rant: Ringworm is the Ring WORST!

(Yes, I know that the title has more cheese than baked ziti, but this Renata will take pride in all of the Ricotta she’s got!) Guess what, guys? It’s summer, and that means that I finally have the chance to break out my summer wardrobe! I am especially excited to be able to do so … Continue reading Today’s Rant: Ringworm is the Ring WORST!


As established in last week’s post, it turns out, I’m excessively bad with change. I didn’t adjust to college very well, I had an identity crisis when my relationship went from polyamorous to monogamous, I struggle with my confidence every time I change roles at work, and, I had two huge life changes last week: … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Breaking Up with My Therapist

We’ve all been through breakups before. The hurt feelings, the tubs of ice cream, the big, gaping hole in your life and social calendar. Plenty of sitcoms and movies had prepared me for breakups between romantic partners, maybe even between friends. But nothing I’ve ever experienced has prepared me for my breakup with my therapist. … Continue reading Breaking Up with My Therapist

Creating Your Own Inspiration

Last week I wrote about how inspiration and motivation can be cyclical. But as a blogger with a posting schedule as well as several side hustles to write for, sitting around waiting for inspiration to come is not always an option. Writing and side hustles can be difficult when you have a full time job. … Continue reading Creating Your Own Inspiration