Breaking Up with My Therapist

We’ve all been through breakups before. The hurt feelings, the tubs of ice cream, the big, gaping hole in your life and social calendar. Plenty of sitcoms and movies had prepared me for breakups between romantic partners, maybe even between friends. But nothing I’ve ever experienced has prepared me for my breakup with my therapist. … Continue reading Breaking Up with My Therapist


Becoming Type B

As is well documented on this blog (as well as on my credit card statements…), I have fairly recently become a regular yoga practitioner. As someone who is inflexible, yoga is beneficial for me because it helps me to stretch out my muscles and slowly gain some flexibility. As an exercise, yoga is great because … Continue reading Becoming Type B

Coming out of a Depressive Episode

(TW Depression) Coming out of a depressive episode is so weird. For me, anyway. Back when I was in the midst of a depressive episode, making plans was daunting and I usually made them hoping that they would just fall through and I could stay in the comfort of my own home. Leaving the house … Continue reading Coming out of a Depressive Episode

Just One More Episode…

Hey all! There’s a really important topic that we need to discuss this week. And that is: Why are TV series so much easier to binge than movies? Seriously, why is it that I can sit for days -- and I literally mean days -- watching a series while I can’t even sit still for … Continue reading Just One More Episode…

Rewatchers, Unite!

I’m going to start out by saying that you’re going to hear a lot about TV on this blog. So sit back and relax for the next 90 minutes while you enjoy a documentary on the origin of the television. JUST KIDDING, PLEASE KEEP READING. Well, kidding about the documentary part, not about the hearing … Continue reading Rewatchers, Unite!

The Busy Millennial’s Guide to Daily Self-Reflection

If you’ve ever talked to me for more than 5 seconds, you know that I’m big into self-reflection and self-awareness. However, in a world where we’re moving at top speed all day every day, having a moment to collect your thoughts may feel impossible. I mean, when your coffee is bought on an app and … Continue reading The Busy Millennial’s Guide to Daily Self-Reflection

Trying to Be Healthy in a World With Stuffed-Crust Pizza

My partner knows better than anyone that if you want to see my eyes light up with a look of longing and affection, all you have to say is those beautiful, magical words: Stuffed. Crust. Pizza. As much as I love some buffalo chicken or olive pizza from my local pizza shop, sometimes you just … Continue reading Trying to Be Healthy in a World With Stuffed-Crust Pizza